Hello and welcome to Age is Just a Number: Adventures in Online Dating! I’m Diane (Dee-Anne) or Dee to those who can’t pronounce it correctly…lol.

This blog was born in 2005 over on blogger when I got laid off from what I considered “the perfect job” at that time. While job hunting online for freelance writing opportunities I discovered blogging. In 2004 I already had a website that housed a newsletter with opportunities for writers of color. I later started Dee411 an informational blog dealing with abuse, domestic violence, incest, mental health, rape and suicide and I thought that was it for my contribution to the great big web.

Months later while reading an issue of Ebony I discovered online dating…though thrilled with my find I felt that the topics did not belong on the same blog since the description at the time, read as follows:

A thirty-something, Christian female rejoins the world of dating after a 14 year absence and realizes that she’s not in Kansas anymore. Read her hilarious experiences and online dating advice

I had been receiving steady traffic and comments at Dee411, however, I found that as I posted at Age is Just a Number (AIJAN), my readership and interaction grew rapidly. At one point in time it earned a google ranking of 6/10. Sadly at the time aside from a slight bit of pride, I had no idea that a 6/10 google page rank was not something to take lightly or abandon upon my return to the nine to five grind in January of 2007—but I’m getting ahead of myself.

In 2006, Lulu.com instituted a contest called the Lulu Blooker Prize. By that time I was the proud owner of a third blog called Divine Perspective where I got to show off my spiritual side. Lulu’s contest coined the word “blook” which means book derived from a blog.  I looked at all three of my blogs and made the choice based on popularity, interaction and demographics. It seemed that AIJAN appealed to ages 18 – 40 of both genders and a myriad of ethnicities.

I did some research and found an editor, who just so happened to have two younger siblings who were equally as talented—one is a graphic artist and the other an interior book designer.  In a two week time frame, we whipped AIJAN the blog into AIJAN the blook.

Here is the first edition published by Lulu:

and here is the revised edition that I self-published and released on September 21, 2006:

The first six chapters (unedited) are still here on this site as a free read and an ebook is also available through payloadz.

Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me.  Stay tuned as we organize the site so that it makes sense and areas of interest can be easily accessed.

Welcome to my world!
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