Wedding Decorations: How Important Are They?


When it comes to planning your wedding on a scale of one to ten, how important do you figure your wedding decorations should be?

Let’s say we give the invitations between an 8 – 10 range (because they are the first thing that you send out. Unless you do one of those newfangled save-the-date magnets that they now have available.)

Then we give the guest book between an 8 – 10 range as well (because it is the first thing that the guests will see when they arrive at the reception hall)

Then comes the decorations what would you give them?

Personally, I can handle so-so decorations, but I cannot stand terrible food. (Tip: I always take the precaution of having a nibble before I head to a formal event, just in case the food is horrible.)

Basically, your importance meter would raise or lower depending on what you deemĀ  important. I’d be interested in hearing which you’d prefer.

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